I  had my first session with Donna for overall relief from the effects of stress on my body. I had Reflexology done before, but it was more like a foot massage. I have studied Reflexology so I knew the difference immediately. Donna's  pressure was firm and there was a purpose in her movements. The immediate benefit was the flexibility I felt in my step and the overall sensation of "well-being".  I love the relaxing environment of her treatment room, but also respect the confidence she exudes and I know I am in safe hands. I have since graduated to a combination of Healing Stone Massage and Reflexology, which just optimizes the experience as well as the benefits. The heat soothes the muscles for faster relief and deeper relaxation.
I now see Donna on a regular basis and trust that she decides what treatment or combination of treatments I need for that session. I do highly recommend ending the session with the Indian Head Massage, or for those who can not find the time - an Indian Head massage, although not as deeply satisfying as the combination of treatments, will clear your mind and relax your nervous system so you can face the day no matter what!
Brenda Winter - Marketing, Caledon


What others have to share

“One need only look at my aging father who has Alzheimer's and how he responds to Donna's expert hands. He suffers from terrible edema in his feet.  I have seen the swelling go down by the end of his session. The improved circulation brings colour to his cheeks immediately and a smile to his face."

 - (name withheld for privacy) - 2006

Once you have had a reflexology session with Donna you will be hooked...the feeling of utter relaxation and release from pain is remarkable. I feel that I am doing something right for my body. Donna's expertise is enhanced by her giving and selfless nature.    
    - Ludmilla Temertey – Designer, Mono

Donna's treatments are pure magic. She is extremely competent at what she does, thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of her work but it is her kind, caring, helpful, compassionate, accepting, fun attitude that truly sets her in a class all by herself. She remembers every detail of your previous treatments and is always striving to give perfect service. Nothing is too much trouble if it means that you will be more comfortable. I feel so relaxed after a hot stone massage that I feel like I have slept for a week. Her treatments truly are "absolute bliss".
    - Patricia Kent - Artist, Guelph

I thought Yoga brought you to a state of relaxation and stress relief.  However, Donna’s reflexology treatments take you to the next level.  I feel the effects of her treatments for hours afterwards.  Donna is not only talented and conscientious, but also genuine and caring that anyone would benefit from.
      - Jean Szmidt, Certified Yoga Instructor, Caledon

Reduce stress, increase flexibility and circulation Alton, Orangeville, Caledon