Cancellation Policy: Please allow 72 hour cancellation notice to avoid charges.  Fees waived for illness and unforeseen circumstances.  

First Time Clients: Record Keeping - Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete a Health Questionnaire and Covid Pre-screening. 

Fees: Prices may change without notice.  All treatments are subject to HST.  

Disinfecting Protocol Guarantee: As a responsible professional, the treatment space is thoroughly disinfected after each client visit.  There is a hospital grade air cleaner working at all times to help clear the air.  A space of 1 hr is between each client to allow time to properly ventilate. 

Area of services: Treatments are held in a large cozy finished shed in the gated backyard.  The warm/cool breeze will make you feel like you are in a far away place listening to the sounds of the birds, calm relaxing music while in a   peaceful surrounding.  Mature trees and habitat to many birds, you might even see some hummingbirds flying close by.  

** Due to the current pandemic situation, masks MUST be worn at all times during your visit.  Intake health form must be completed at time of visit.   In the summer months, you will have the opportunity to have your sessions in an outdoor treatment office for a more tranquil experience.  Parking available.

Advanced Foot Reflexology - 60 minutes - $70

A system of specialized hand techniques used to relieve tension and improve the body's function through manipulation.  Reflexology is used to bring balance to the body to promote increased circulation by reducing blockages.  Meridian-based therapy.  

Reflexology Lymph Drainage - 60 minutes - $70

(RLD) is a groundbreaking technique focusing on stimulating the lymphatic system which underpins the bodies ability to heal and stay healthy. Initially pioneered by Sally Kay, for breast cancer patients suffering secondary lymphoedema in the arm or both arms.

Policy and terms


Services are offered at

Donna's home office,

where she has hand chosen accessories and décor designed for optimum function. Her selected choices also enhance the tranquility of the experience.

From the soothing music to the ambient lighting, it won't be long before you leave the cares of the world behind. Donna has a great bedside manner and you will feel safe and secure in the knowledge you are in good hands.

Donna is passionate about sharing information with her clients so they may continue to enjoy and prolong the benefits between treatments.

Structural® Reflexology - 90 minutes - $110

Structural Reflexology® is the practice of integrating foot reflexology with anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology by using local and reflexive methods to release stress and compensation in the entire body.  This method addresses tension sites on the feet as the product of local muscle and ligament strain while maintaining an understanding of how these sites and tension on the feet will impact the rest of the body.

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage - 60 minutes - $75

If you have never experienced Indian Head Massage or Reflexology, then this one is for YOU!  

The combination of both amazing treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and a little zoned out. The benefits combined will give you intense feelings of well-being and happiness.  You will also see an improvement in concentration as stress slowly melts away.  The benefits of the head massage will also improve circulation, reduce shoulder stiffness, loosen the scalp which helps to relieve headaches, jaw pain, sinusitis and migraines.  I have seen through the many years of practice how much better a person feels and breathes after suffering with a cold or allergies.  By loosening the scalp you will start to feel less stress from everyday life.  To make this even more beneficial, foot reflexology added to help bring CALM and BALANCE to the entire body and mind.  This is a must for all to try!   Clients will feel "grounded" after a 60 minute session of this combined treatment. 

Reduce stress, increase flexibility and circulation Alton, Orangeville, Caledon