Nestled in the heart of the 1800's historic charm, Alton, Caledon, Donna moved to Alton in 2003 where she picked up her business from Toronto

and started over again to continue her journey and passion as an

Wholistic Health Practitioner with the support of her family.  Donna was  a personal senior caregiver for over 20 years and knew that aging for some of her clients was not without chronic pain and discomfort.  Donna offered reflexology to her senior clients to ease some of the many discomforts on a weekly basis.  After seeing the positive impact reflexology had on her clients, Donna decided to offer speaking engagements for seniors on the health benefits of Reflexology. 

Donna is very passionate about Reflexology and she exudes her passion through her treatments.  Her clients have become dedicated in taking care of themselves with regular Reflexology sessions. 

After your session with Donna, you can take in the historic sites that Alton has to offer.  The Alton Mill Arts Centre, which is a restored mill, with

galleries filled with working artists, shops, events, museum offer a peaceful experience.  Alton also offers the newly opened 'Gather Cafe' for a beverage or a bite to eat after your service.  Or take a hike on one of our many hiking trails or a stroll through town.  This alone will leave you wanting to come back again.  

Alton is approximately 50 minutes north of Toronto. 

We hope you come and visit!


Want to arrange a Spa Day?  Contact Donna for more information. 

Outbound appointments for Reflexology.    


Donna Keller,RRPr

Wholistic Health Practitioner

Caledon, Ontario

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