Hot Stone Massage is a healing treatment that has been used for many centuries as a spiritual healing ritual to cure many illnesses using smooth Basalt Stones. Today, it’s commonly known for stress relief and is administered at many popular spas across the country.  You can use it alone or in combination with Reflexology to achieve greater relaxation. 

Foot Reflexology

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

"... But the real secret to lifelong good health is the exact opposite:  Let your body take care of you." Deepak Chopra

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Health Practitioner (CAMH)

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Research studies around the world indicate possible benefits of reflexology, particularly in reducing pain, enhancing relaxation, and reducing symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.  Reflexology can help improve your overall well-being both physical and emotional.  I am a Certified/Registered Foot Reflexologist since 1998. 

It is when gentle pressure is applied to the upper back and shoulders to promote relaxation and to help release tension.  Once this has been achieved, gentle pressure along the neck, head and face will be applied to reduce blockages that may cause tension and/headaches and improve better circulation of the cerebral fluid.  Warm Aveda® oil is used for this very relaxing treatment.

Reflexology / Massage / Indian Head Massage / Reflexology Lymph Drainage 

   Hot Stone Massage

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